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Of cities, consumers and connects

Welcoming the digital world

Trying the last knot

Long gone are the times where you sit and think of how to access a certain something without too much effort. On a very lazy or tiring day, you might even not want to leave the comfort of your home. But such worries are spared no more than a couple of minutes with the advent of the internet, telecommunications and rise in other technologies which let us connect even the endmile of the world.

Imagine being without your smart phones, laptops, tablets or any other electronic and entertaining device. We could manage utmost one day or two or even three. But after that?

We were all born in the era of technologies, fortunately, or unfortunately is up to the debaters.  And it is high time we make use of all that is available to us.

Technological advances and customer connection

All the popular cities show the results of exactly how much important the telecommunications and connectivity have become. Forget metro cities technologies have penetrated in almost all nooks and corners of the world, providing its people guidance and what is being sought. Though the consumer connect is not yet as numerous as in the metro cities, the endmile connectivity in other cities and towns are good enough to be appreciated for more and are gradually increasing to the customers’ delight.

The differences can be evident if you’ve lived in a metro city and move to another town. Of the communications network, in spite of the public being exposed to what is available, the time taken to adapt to it is slow in non-metro cities.

Endmile connectivity in non-metro cities

Let’s take Trichy for example. As a well known and populated city, the residents of Trichy are surely happy about the connection that is brought out because of endmile. They, of course, use online retailers, do online bookings, and get accustomed to e-world. The business telephone services and lastmile delivery systems are gaining popularity.

But when you think about the frequency of the use between this place and some other city like Chennai or Bangalore, the gap is indeed seen obviously. That is exactly why there is a need for many more endmile projects in such non-metro cities to have consumer connect and with it, the prospect of more development.

Of cities, consumers and connects